sean smith

Co-founder of SimpleTiger, marketer, entrepreneur, strategist, writer, adrenaline junkie, fun-lover, coffee craver, fitness fanatic.

I also write a daily blog called "The Hustle & Struggle" about the entrepreneurial journey from my perspective, Monday – Friday.

I love observing communication, how we use it, and how to make it work better for us. I'm fiercely passionate about greatness, observing what makes people exceptional, and optimizing everything I can to adapt the best tendencies and improve myself. 

I'm passionate about quality products, simple and beautiful design, personal health and improvement, marketing and writing, and having a positive impact on people's lives.

Work: I co-founded SimpleTiger with my brother and together we are building a killer team to help brands – from startups to Fortune 500's – better tell their story to customers. Whether that be through creating incredible content that ranks and converts, or by creating relationships with community and PR leaders to get their message out.

I specialize in creative growth marketing, content marketing strategy, and social community wizardry. Most of my history is based in SEO, and that's still a massive part of how I drive value for my clients.

I've worked with clients like JotForm, Olo, Crew, Bidsketch, Digg, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Carefree, as well as agencies like MaxMedia, Pulp & Wire, Think Interactive, GravityFree, and 360i to drive real, effective, and scalable growth.

"Sean quickly analyzed our site, market, and competition, then came back with a great list of ways to significantly increase our traffic. He's easily one of the fastest and smartest marketers I've worked with." – Ruben Gamez, Founder of Bidsketch

"We are so happy to be working with Sean. It’s not just the great work he does but also how he works. His combination of knowledge, responsiveness, and ability to exceed expectations is rare. I’d hire Sean again in a heart beat." – Mikael Cho, Founder of Crew

For my full professional bio check out my LinkedIn profile.

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Writing: I write often on Medium, TheNextWebThe Huffington PostAdobe's 99UMozCopybloggerCrazyEggCrewSimpleTiger and other publications around the web about marketing, productivity, and growth.

Most of my favorite writing comes out on my Medium publication, "Coffee Time" about productivity and growth. My posts on Medium have had over 6,400 recommends and counting.

My favorite post that I've ever written was about my experience skydiving, titled "You Don't Risk Enough To Be Happy", which (beyond the jump itself) truly changed my life.

Other stuff:

My learning playlist with over 5,500 students, "The Art of Copywriting"

My post about internal motivation and personal growth on Adobe's 99U, "Do Your Own Thing"

Favorite quote & guiding light for how I work: "Adapt what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own" – Bruce Lee