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35 of the best SEO tools; an 80/20 perspective

Sean Smith

This is Version: I of my "Bookmark Cleanout" series where I go through my bookmarks and saved content to shed light on my favorite apps, tools and resources.

While thinking of what kind of "list" content I could post I immediately thought of my giant bookmark library! I have catalogued a ton of apps, resources and content over the years that I use or like. I've decided to take my bookmarked content and lay it out into a series of posts! These will include my favorite webapps, SEO tools, CMS themes, industry posts and more. I figured I would start with something that interests me majorly, SEO Webapps and tools.

I am always very interested in all webapps, tools and software that can help me be a better SEO. I am constantly bookmarking SEO tools that I discover through the community or by other means. I've taken the top tools that I have found through my bookmarks and laid them out here!


  1. Google Webmasters - submit sitemaps, fix canonicalization, check crawl errors, check site penalties, disavow links
  2. Google Analytics - check bounce rates, visits, page views, conversion funnels, direct revenue for e-commerce sites and client reporting
  3. Google Keyword Tool - free, lightweight & in-depth keyword research tool directly from the horse's mouth
  4. Google Insights - look through search patterns, find trending topics present and past
  5. Google Pagespeed - assess your website's pagespeed with detailed, priority-based recommendations for improvement
  6. Kissmetrics - a bit more detailed analytics software built by Neil Patel
  7. SEOmoz Pro - track rankings, get detailed improvement recommendations page-by-page, white labeled SEO reports
  8. Raven Tools - link prospecting, social monitoring with website optimization analyzers
  9. Authority Labs - rank tracking and scraping with reporting
  10. SEMrush - organic ranking positions with competitive comparisons
  11. Buzzstream - link prospecting, planning, and cataloging
  12. Screaming Frog - site scraping for duplicate content, server errors, etc. Very robust tool [not a web-app but free on the web]
  13. Open Site Explorer - ultimate back-link analyser with competitive comparisons [best used in conjunction with SEOmoz Pro]
  14. XML Sitemaps - XML sitemap tool for creating clean and quick XML sitemaps, scheduled recreations with off-server hosting
  15. Rich Snippet Testing Tool - test micro-format rich-snippets to see how they will be represented on Google [good for testing if Google Authorship is authorized]
  16. Woorank - website SEO analyser to check for major site-audit errors
  17. Hubspot Website Grader - overall inbound-marketing grader, mostly social and blogging with a few SEO analysers
  18. Guest Blog Search Engine - search for guest blogging opportunities specific to your niche
  19. Unbounce - CRO platform for quickly creating and activating new, high converting landing pages
  20. Textbroker - copy-writing outsourcing resource for busy SEO's needing to push out some content for client's sites
  21. Mailchimp - email marketing platform with many free, high quality email templates to manage massive email marketing campaigns



  1. Followerwonk - in depth twitter account analytics, analyze twitter following for high profile users to interact with
  2. - link shortening mini-social-network with link analytics
  3. Bottlenose - social analyzing tool
  4. - quick way to export twitter follower information
  5. twubs - social & hashtag keyword research
  6. findpeopleonplus - resource for finding people in specific niches on Google+
  7. Hootsuite - social media monitoring service with scheduled posting
  8. Twellow - search engine for finding users in specific niches on twitter
  9. Amplicate - search engine for things being said regarding any topic on the social sphere
  10. socialmention - monitor when your or your business is mentioned on the social sphere
  11. alltop - most popular content on the social sphere


  1. Whitespark - local citation development tool and scraper
  2. Getlisted - main local citation development tool, analyzes the top ~10 listings and how a given business performs in those areas
  3. Localeze - lists businesses in local directories of all types


personal favorites

my favorites from these lists, also coincidentally the ones I use most often:

  1. Google Analytics 
  2. Google Webmasters
  3. Open Site Explorer
  4. Followerwonk
  5. Screaming Frog
  6. SEOmoz Pro


This has been Version 1 of my "Bookmark Cleanout" series where I will be going through my bookmarks and other saved content from over the years to shed light on my favorite apps, tools and resources. Did I miss any? I would love to hear of any apps, tools or software that I have missed that you use or recommend!