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Be simple, not "clever"

Sean Smith

Branding thought for the day: be simple not clever

A clever message means nothing if it is not understood. All you conveyed is confusion and ambiguity. A clever brand and logo is great, that can be appreciated and I personally love brands of this sort. Do not make your brand headlines ambiguous. 

You have a limited amount of copy to sell your brand or product. Look at every headline you write as an elevator pitch of your company. You wouldn't tell a C-level exec "we're the best way to spend a saturday afternoon" you would say "we sell innovative grills that are beautifully designed."

Treat every person who comes in contact with your brand as a C-level exec who has no time for bullshit. Get to the bare-bones, cut the crap and let us know what you're on about.  

Make it simple but significant. "1,000 songs in your pocket" style. We want to be amazed, we want to think, but we don't want to have to guess.  Don't make me think. Make me think about your product, don't make me think about what your product is. We don't care if you're product is the best way to spend a saturday afternoon if we don't know what we will be doing on a saturday afternoon. For all we know you could be a brothel, and your idea of a saturday afternoon could be quite a bit different from ours.

Ultimately we are either going to be interested and buy, or uninterested and not buy. Save us both time and let us make that decision. Don't breed ambiguity to the point where I have to waste time investigating to determine what I ultimately don't want. Let it be known what I'm deciding on, and clean the pathway from discovery to shipment. 

Give me the power and I'll make the choice. If you have a product that works, chances are I'll buy, I love stuff. Being unclear about your product makes it seem as though you don't have confidence in what you're selling. Like a used-car dealer that knows what is wrong with the car he is selling. Tell me the shit that is wrong, if it is bad enough that no one wants to buy it, fix it. If you base your business off of deception, it's not going to scale. 

Be simple, not clever.