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Part of something bigger than yourself

Sean Smith

People naturally want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, a movement, to help others and to be a part of a larger community. I've always believed it but until today I haven't been behind the scenes to actually feel what it's like to see it happen. It is unexplainably beautiful and absolutely exhilarating.

I've always believed in marketing through inspiration. I was brought up with extremely optimistic outlooks on life, and what is a more optimistic marketing perspective than through inspiration and motivation? Inspiration is one of the key cognitive emotions, it's what drives us forward as a species. Inspiration is what puts ideas in our heads, what changes our sight on the world around us, and it's what makes us believe that we can do something incredible, something beyond us, something GREATER than us. 

I'm doing marketing for a client right now called iStopBullies who has an online program with courses to help children stop bullying. Not unlike treehouse, codeschool and the like (except obviously not for coding). It is built around the fact that we all have the strength we need inside, but we have to realize it, there are so many ways that we can stop bullying and that is what the program is about. The program, courses and site are all well laid out and very thoroughly put together. But it's the ideal, the movement, the purpose, the meaning that inspires me, that inspires people, it is so incredibly uplifting and motivational that it can't be un-noticed and it can't be quantified. 

And it's made by a guy who has all his chips on the line, with so much invested in it. His name is Mark Fusco, and he is martial arts instructor who has seen countless amounts of bullying victims sign up for his martial arts classes hoping that it will make a change. And it does. He helps so many kids (and adults) stop bullying that he has it down to an annual schedule of knowing when the spike of kids will come in that are being bullied (usually right around the time schools start back up). It's a classic case of wanting to do something bigger than yourself. Mark is creating a movement, and seeing the opportunities he has, he is so ripe for success, and I know he can obtain it. Luckily we at Gravityfree  are the ones who he chose to build his website and web-courses, and I'm the one marketing it. I get to market through inspiration and motivation, which is beyond exciting to me. It's the way I've always wanted to market, I love it. Seeing the natural movement that is forming behind his cause in literally less than a day or two is absolutely beautiful. 

People naturally want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and to help others and be a part of a larger community. It's the absolution and realistic proof of what I always wanted to believe was true, it's f***ick fantastic!  

Mark is incredibly humble, he honestly deserves the world, and really has goodness coming from his heart to help people. He is always the sweetest client to meet with, always happy to be alive and has such a presence, but really he was flying blind into this project. The business was untested, it was being built completely from scratch with nothing like it on the web in the same vertical. Had no beta users, or pre-determined markup for success other than the ideal of change, motivation and general good will.  

I think I found his key to unlock his audience and propel the brand forward and into the light. It honestly gives me chills. I wish I didn't have any other clients to work on right now. 

This is the kind of thing I dream about doing, this is the kind of work that means something, that can do something tangible, that can help people, and influence people's lives. Doing it for someone who deserves it this much is probably the most blissful thing I could possibly imagine. I want this guy to succeed more than I want to take my next breathe. I can't imagine him not, because a cause this pure shouldn't go unnoticed, it shouldn't fail, it should live, and live beyond itself as an ideal. An ideal can't fail. To be an inspiration and a motivation to people and honestly it makes me want to do something like it myself. I've never believed in anything I've marketed as much as this, not even close. I think it has to be that way, that I can see his vision very clearly, and that people are responding (within 2 days!) and I want to be the channel that brings the two together. 

This is how it must feel marketing for a cause, working for a cause, and being involved in something much larger than yourself. The facet that pushes this forward is motivation, but I don't think anyone has been more motivated by this than me.  

This is mecca.