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Content Marketing & SEO Blog

Blog about startup growth strategies revolving around content marketing, SEO, CRO, and social media marketing.

Google Hummingbird

Sean Smith


In the past 12 months Google has pushed out "updates" to their algorithm around 620 times.

Among these were refreshes to Panda and Penguin which essentially helped us because it drops out spammy, low quality and downright badly SEO'd sites from the index.

We align our principles with that of Google, and make sure what we are pushing for aligns with their overall goals. We play the long-game, not the short game - and it pays off in great measure. 

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How to make how-to guides

Sean Smith


You want to go cow tipping? Well seeing as I'm from the farmlands of Georgia - here are the steps you need to take.
1. Find a pasture. Preferably one with cows in it, otherwise your venture will be short-lived. 
2.  Target a cow. Make it a small one, maybe a 600 pounder - keep away from the 800 pounders.
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Branding a blog

Sean Smith


Branding your blog digs deeper than a logo, it's the essence of the writer, it's all encompassing and it's worth sweating over. 

Branding your blog is basically speaking to your reader through everything but your text. It's showing who you are, it's showing what's important to you, and what makes you different. It makes you stand out from the crowd of other bloggers - especially the ones in your niche.  

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How long a blog post should be

Sean Smith


I'm a very big proponent of beefy-ass blog posts, here's why.

I prefer to get all I have to say on a subject out in one blistering, data-filled post. If you want an example, all of these were posts that I had stored up informationn for a while and let them out in a very large tangent.

I believe other people follow my same beliefs -- at least the readers do -- and that's what really matters, right? If we are writing for our readers, why not write long-form content that answers every question they could have instead of posting 3 posts on the same topic? Perhaps you will get more pageviews but it is it better for your reader? I doubt it.

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Social media engagement, a wild ride

Sean Smith


This is not a story to gloat, this is a story of "WTF"? That's surely what I was saying when this happened.

So here was my situation. For the past two weeks, in my off time from a busy start to Q4 I started writing "How to Blog; The Ultimate Blogging Resource" a post that was, from conception going to be a huge-ass damn post. Enormous, immense, as John Doherty put it

I wanted this post to be the one-stop-shop for people looking for information on Blogging online. It has interviews from tons of industry leaders, friends and co-workers, a huge amount of resources and links, a ton of explanation and literally 2 weeks of on-and-off work. I was hoping it was going to be a success, and it was! At least to me it was. My blog traffic spiked like it hasn't ever done before.

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How to Blog; The Ultimate Resource, 104 articles, 18 tips, 8 interviews, 10 platforms & 21 pros to follow

Sean Smith


There are a ton of blogging resources around the web, and so much fluff with so many diverse answers. My goal when looking for information is to break through the BS and get to the core techniques, mentalities and practices that will lead to success.

Following the 80-20 principle of productivity I hope to make this the ultimate blogging resource.

While there are a ton of places to go to find quality blogging resources, they aren't coupled with the real backbone of blogging. The unsaid truths that should be preached along with any blogging resource. No list of "things to do to succeed in blogging" should live on their own without the core mentalities to keep in mind while trying to be a successful blogger (whatever that may mean to you). 

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Informational content and search traffic

Sean Smith


If you think about the future of search, the possibilities can rack your brain to no end. Though you will notice that every perspective always leads back to one fact, information and problem solving content will never stop receiving search traffic

Even if we get to a point like Star Trek (where Google really wants to be) you will still have to have a source for the information that is brought back to the user. 

Someone has to make that content. It raises the bar of "who is writing the best content" and "what content will be best for the user" seeing as the end-goal would be one true answer that was returned from the engines, perfectly catered to the query.  If you consistently write the absolute defacto-standard on a given realm of content, it is likely that you will always get traffic. Your information will be either pulled by engines automatically, or your site, page, blog etc. will be the number one resource. 

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Increase social interaction on evergreen content

Sean Smith


This is mainly targeted to e-commerce sites that are making "evergreen" content that will already stand the test of time, but aren't sexy enough to get shares.

You know that your long copy lists and informative product posts help increase the organic search volume of your site.

You know that the users that read your blog posts are 50% more likely to convert on your products. 

You know that 61% of global Internet users research products online. You know that 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine. And you know that it's smart to blog because companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. (from Hubspot)

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